7 Ways To Wear Black All Summer Long


Traditional rules of seasonal fashion will tell you that black is a winter color, and summertime calls for white. But as most fashionistas know – rules are meant to be broken. In fact, summertime is a great time to wear the darkest hue imaginable – yes, even from head to toe. For those of who you won’t ever stop wearing black until they make a darker color, here are 7 ways to rock the “all black everything” look, despite the rising temps.  Continue reading

What To Expect When You Get Your First Tattoo


So, you’ve decided to get a tattoo! Congratulations – welcome to the land of the inked.

It’s hard to know exactly what getting a tattoo is like until you actually experience it for yourself. You can ask your friends – or the Internet – but until you’re lying down (or bending over, or extending your foot in the air, or twisting yourself into whatever contortion you need to) on that table, you won’t really know. Continue reading