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Lauren Giles: Contributor

By day, Lauren Tries is about to start a new job as a Biology Professor, is married to her first love, and her role as a fur mom is the only thing she takes more seriously than she takes football season.  By night she’s a YouTube vlogger now entering the world of the written word, with the goal of bringing as much vivaciousness to her works as she does speaking on camera.  Variety is her spice of life, with interests including but are not limited to: lifting weights, drinking coffee, competitive eating, indulging in celebrity crushes, cooking and baking, trying to adopt every puppy (so far with only one success,) gardening, and writing.  Lauren describes herself as a phoenix, acknowledging her Type-A, achievement-driven past as an important part of who she is, but is spending the last precious years of her 20’s discovering who she wants to be moving forward.  With her newfound motto being “why not?,” Lauren’s regularly trying new things and will be contributing to this blog as a variety writer, giving the scoop regarding what she gains through her new experiences.  She invites you to throw your inhibition to the wind and open yourself to novelty and growth, and read her tales here, as she does the same.


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