What Are Pregnancy Doctors Called?

  • A physician who specializes in pregnancies, deliveries, and other aspects of a woman’s reproductive system is known as an obstetrician.
  • Even though there are other types of medical professionals who are able to deliver infants, the majority of pregnant women go to an obstetrician, usually known as an OB/GYN.
  • Your obstetrician will be able to care for you during your pregnancy and provide you with follow-up treatment such as annual Pap screenings for years to come after the delivery of your baby.
  • An obstetrician is a type of physician who has completed further training to become an expert in the field of obstetrics, which entails delivering infants as well as provide prenatal and postoperative care to women (postnatal care).
  • Obstetricians are trained medical professionals who are able to handle difficult pregnancies and deliveries, as well as to conduct caesarean sections and other procedures.

What is an obstetrician doctor called?

An obstetrician is a type of physician that specializes in pregnancies and the delivery of babies. The majority of obstetricians also specialize in gynecology. There are certain obstetricians who exclusively offer their services to ladies who are currently pregnant. Your obstetrician will be your primary point of contact for the entirety of your pregnancy.

What is a prenatal care physician?

  • Who exactly is a prenatal care practitioner, and what do they do?
  • A member of the medical community who provides treatment for pregnant women throughout the course of their pregnancies is known as a prenatal care practitioner.
  • This kind of treatment may be obtained from a variety of different medical professionals, each of whom brings their own unique set of skills and areas of specialization to the table.
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Can a family physician care for a pregnant woman?

Some family physicians feel at ease providing care to pregnant patients and managing the labor and delivery process, as well as the recovery period that follows, because they are educated to address a diverse range of medical concerns. The care of a newborn baby can also be provided by a general practitioner.