What Is A Crisis Pregnancy Center?

A crisis pregnancy center (CPC), sometimes known as a pregnancy resource center (PRC), is a type of non-profit organization that was founded with the purpose of discouraging pregnant women from having abortions.1 In addition, CPCs typically offer peer counseling in relation to pregnancy and childbirth.In certain cases, they may also provide additional non-medical services such as financial aid, child-rearing resources, and recommendations for adoption.

What percentage of pregnant women who visit CPCs keep the baby?

When compared to the overall percentage of pregnant women in the United States who take their kids to term, around 76 percent of the women who visited these CPCs made the decision to keep their newborns, while the overall percentage is 71 percent. In 2010, CPCs around the United States welcomed more than 1.2 million unique new customers each and every month.