What Is A Membrane Sweep In Pregnancy?

A technique that can assist in the induction of labor is called membrane sweeping, which is sometimes referred to as membrane stripping.When it comes to pregnant women who are close to or have already passed their due date, membrane sweeping is an option that is often advised.1 Your healthcare professional will begin the operation by inserting a gloved finger into the cervix.

  • This will allow the amniotic sac to be separated from the uterus.

When is membrane sweeping performed during pregnancy?

The gestational age of the patient must be between 37 and 40 weeks for the membrane sweeping procedure to be conducted.When a lady is 37 weeks pregnant and planning to give birth vaginally to her twins, she will most likely have her first sweep around the time that she is 37 weeks pregnant.After 37 to 38 weeks, it is expected that your body will get quite fatigued, and it would be best to begin inducing labor at this time.

What are the risks of membrane sweeping during labor?

In addition, if membrane sweeping causes an abnormally high number of contractions, this might be a sign that your uterus is being overstimulated.The fact that you may have struggled with your health before or while you were pregnant might also play a role in the development of these difficulties.Before utilizing membrane sweeping to induce labor on you, your physician will discuss the procedure’s benefits and risks with you.