Why Is My Pregnancy Test Negative?

If you take a pregnancy test and receive a negative result, there are two possible explanations for this: either you are not pregnant or you are pregnant but you took the test too early for it to pick up the hCG (also known as the ″pregnancy″ hormone) that is present in your body.

What should I do if my pregnancy test is negative?

After a missing period, if you take a pregnancy test and get a negative result, you should wait a few days to retake the test and reevaluate your situation. After that, retake the test. If you continue to not get your period, you should make an appointment with your primary care physician to rule out the possibility of any issues.

Can you have a negative pregnancy test but no period?

You drag that pregnancy test out from the depths of your drawer and pee on the stick, fully anticipating a resounding ″yes″ to appear in the results window.But the test comes back negative.But it doesn’t.The pregnancy test was negative, but there was no menstruation.This can be a significant emotional setback for a couple who is actively trying to start a family.

And if you aren’t actively trying to conceive, it might come as a welcome respite.

Can you get a negative pregnancy test with twins?

It is possible to receive a negative pregnancy test if you are expecting twins or triplets. This is because your pregnancy hormones will be too strong for a regular HPT to detect. If you haven’t had your period in a while and are starting to feel like you might be pregnant, talk to your primary care provider about getting a blood test or an ultrasound to confirm your suspicions.