Why Is Papaya Bad For Pregnancy?

Why you should avoid eating papaya if it has latex in it. Avoiding the sort of latex that is found in unripe papaya is recommended for pregnant women since it has the potential to produce significant uterine contractions, which might lead to labor starting early. Because it includes papain, your body may confuse it with the prostaglandins that are occasionally used to induce labor.

Why does papaya cause uterine contractions during pregnancy?

  • Unripe papaya contains chemicals similar to latex, which are known to trigger contractions in the uterus (womb).
  • In the case of papaya, the latex of fruits includes vegetable pepsin, which is also known as ″papain.″ This ‘papain’ operates similarly to the body’s endogenous prostaglandins and the hormone oxytocin, which is released by the pituitary gland in the brain.
  • Both of these substances are responsible for inducing muscle contractions.