Welcome to the page for submissions – if you are here, it is because you have a piece that is already written that you would like to submit for consideration.

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We love hearing from other voices at Thirty On Tap! Please review the submission guidelines below and then fill out the form in order to submit your piece! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Submission Guidelines

1. Style & Voice

Before submitting your piece, we encourage you to take a look around the site to get a sense of our style and tone. Of course, every writer is different and we love individuality, but a quick spin around the site will help you gain an understanding of our target audience and topics that frequently pop up.

2. Word Length

Please aim for a minimum of 600 words in length. (List pieces tend to be a little shorter, and that’s okay!)

3. We love humor just as much as we love getting real

Just a few clicks around our site will tell you that we can be super silly, but we also care deeply about topics that matter to us – both as millennials, and as women. If your piece is funny, send it on down! If you’re more of a serious person who wants to ~preach~ about topics that matter, we want that also.

4. Topics

The following topics are always relevant, and we strongly encourage submissions on these subjects. (Note: we accept submissions on other topics too – but those listed below are often our focus.)

  • Fashion (new trends, old trends, career vs leisure, ways to double dip/multitask)
  • Beauty (fav products, tutorials, on a budget, etc)
  • Travel (on a budget, best of x city, where to go, what to do, etc)
  • Feminism (always intersectional feminism please)
  • Relationships (guides, advice, personal experiences)
  • Entertainment (lists, best of, fun character articles, trending TV/movies, etc)

We also encourage you to visit our FAQ Page to see some frequently asked questions regarding Submissions!

To submit your piece, please fill out the form below. Alternatively, you can email your submission as an attachment along with a bio to