This One’s For You

This One's For You.jpg

By Jillian Stacia

How is your day going? What does your heart feel like? Are you heavy? Light? Floating? Grinding? What does life look like for you, and how are you carrying the weight of it?

I don’t know if anyone has told you recently, but you’re doing a great job. Maybe it’s the millennial in me, but I think we all deserve some recognition from time to time. Just getting out of bed these days can be an accomplishment. Look at all you’ve done. Look at all you’ve achieved. Take a second and breathe. You’re doing a great job. Continue reading

3 Life Swaps I’m Making Before Turning 30


By Kate Kole

I turn 30 one month from today and I’ve kind of been freaking out about it. I say ‘kind of’ because I’m thankfully yet to have a Jessie Spano caffeine pills level meltdown. That being said, the big 3-0 has been on my mind a lot lately, in that nagging what am I doing with my life kind of way. Logically, I know it’s silly to become consumed by a number. But emotionally and quite honestly, I’ve been feeling like a bit of a hot mess over it. Continue reading

We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For


By Jillian Stacia

I’ve spent my entire life waiting to become.

When I was a little girl, I thought I would have it figured out by the time I was 16. I glorified 16. It sounded like such a fun and sophisticated age. I would have a boyfriend and a job and a car. I would know what I was doing. I’d be confident and capable and fun and smart. By 16, surely, I would’ve arrived. I would’ve already become. Continue reading

6 Ways To Enjoy A Snow Day As An Adult


By De and Kate

We’re slowly and surely inching our way to warm weather and all our favorite outdoor activities that accompany it. But, until then, we know that we’ll likely experience a winter storm or two before the season officially makes her way to our rearview mirror. Rather than mightily resist or grudgingly endure those days dictated by Mother Nature, we’re rounding up 6 ways to actually enjoy being snowed in at home. Continue reading

5 Ways To Practice Self-Care When You Find It Hard To Care


By Cece Flores

I know I’m not the only one who ever feels this way, and that in itself is validating. But there are times when simply acknowledging that you’re not technically alone won’t do much to ease your panic. I’m talking about those moments when repeating some mantra urging yourself to stay positive won’t quell the worry or stop the anger from boiling over. These are moments when action and not just words or thoughts are required. These are moments where, hard as it may be, you need to fight for yourself.

It’s difficult and I’ve never been particularly good at it. The first therapist who ever made an impact on my life, God rest her soul, used to crack down on me for this a lot. I’d roll my eyes at her suggestions for self-care, reaching my hands out to express instead my desire to be medicated so as not to have to deal at all. Of course, medication can be super helpful. But you will land, time and time again, in a steaming pile of doo if you don’t learn to do things that can help you when they’re not quite enough. Continue reading

5 Ways I Deal When Life Feels Overwhelming


By Kate Kole

I am the opposite of a procrastinator. In college, I’d spend the first day of a new term filled with anxiety as I flipped through the pages of each course syllabus, already stressing out over assignments due week 6. I’d stake my seat in the library on Friday afternoons (as if others were actually vying for that spot) so I could get a head start on papers that didn’t need to be turned in until Monday morning.

I file my taxes in January, have tried to pay my credit card balance before the statement is available to view, occasionally get up in the 4 o’clock hour to unload the dishwasher, and begin worrying that we’ll run out of toilet paper while we still have a couple rolls left. Continue reading

Four Hearts and 1000 Plans


By Makenna Doty

I was cleaning out my car yesterday (okay no I was sitting in the drive-thru line, digging up quarters for my gas station soda) and I found a necklace. It’s a thin copper chain with four heart outlines right in the middle. This necklace came from a small boutique in my college town. My older sister purchased it for me as a graduation gift. I remember my flight home at the end of that semester. I was so proud of myself. I had a plan. I had a job. I had a ton of experience and even more memories. I had a home to go back to. My dad had bought me a first class ticket.

I remember clutching those four little hearts as the plane took off- my own heart beating out of control. A few little ice crystals had formed on my window and reminded me of that first snow my freshman year. We flew over little squares of farmland and my mind returned to those summer nights when I would run miles past those potato fields of eastern Idaho. Continue reading

We Are Millennials


By Jillian Stacia

We are millennials.

We are defined by our technology. It runs through our veins. It is the filter through which we see the world. It is both our servant and our master, our greatest accomplishment and our biggest downfall.

We believe in working smarter, not harder. In saving time for the things that truly matter

We believe we can change the world. We believe our voice matters. We believe in the power of the few. Continue reading

It’s Time To Start Living


By Lauren Cavallaro Wicklund

Time. We all need more of it. How on earth can we cross the million things off our to-do lists if there is so much to do and so little time?

Despite the desire for time to slow down, I’ve caught myself far too many times wishing time would go faster. There were math classes I mentally attempted to turn the dial of the clock forward 2 hours, meetings I wished had been over 20 minutes ago, and traffic that I was stuck in for far too long. I’ve had countless moments that I was patiently (read: impatiently) waiting to see a loved one and would start counting down the days until I would see them. Counting…down…the…days. That doom and gloom statement of crossing days off. Continue reading

Advice From My Younger Self


By Casey Rose Frank

As I approached 30 I was big fan of reading essays about what older women would tell their younger selves if given the opportunity. All the words of wisdom made me feel that I had truly learned something from the trials and tribulations of my more uncertain years. It was easy to even feel a sliver of smugness over the girl I no longer was thanks to hindsight.

But along with getting older, making informed decisions, and becoming a more emotionally balanced person, I discovered that there had been a tradeoff I was unaware of. I worried less, but I took fewer risks. I had learned to say no to the things I really didn’t want to do, but had forgotten to say yes to the unexpected. Continue reading