Reclaiming The Locker Room


By Jillian Stacia

I spend a lot of time talking about women. Particularly, how women are undervalued and limited in our current society. I look at Hillary Clinton, and I see myself. I see my sisters and my mother and my friends. I see a game that is rigged. I see rules that cannot be met. I see unfair standards and biased accounts and sexist undertones.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: society needs to do a better job of taking care of its women. Young girls are watching, and they deserve better. But recently, I’ve been reminded of how society also needs to do a better job at taking care of its men. Because young boys are watching, too. Continue reading

Three Major Advantages To Moving To A Big City


By Jana-Lynn

While suburban and country living allows for a slower, peaceful, and more relaxed pace of life, sometimes you just have to take that big leap and move to major city to enjoy all the hustle, bustle, flashing neon lights, and 3am post-party shawarma and bubble tea food adventure. City-living often creates an exciting, exhilarating, and entertaining space to enjoy many amazing cultural, lifestyle, and financial opportunities. Check out some of our favorite reasons to live in a big city below. Continue reading