Don’t Judge Me – I Love Being Single


By Felicia Sabartinelli 

From the ages of 15 to 29, I was constantly coupled and in some sort of relationship. I met my high school sweetheart when we were 15 and dated until we were 18.  I met my college sweetheart shortly after and we dated for three years. We even lived together and adopted a dog. When that relationship ended, I casually dated a few people over the next few years but nothing serious. When I was 24, I met my now ex-husband. I’ve been divorced now for a few years, single again, and loving it. Continue reading

Commit It Or Quit It: How One Woman’s Dating Game Changed Drastically When She Entered Her Thirties


By Amy Johnson

The world of dating has so many unwritten rules. So much that it’s a staggering thought to realize that dating in my twenties was a different galaxy than dating in my thirties. Somewhere, between the brow lines were starting to set, as I was now spending $40 a on foundation, along with anti-wrinkle cremes, what was once martinis with the girls is now hangovers lasting far into Sunday night. Suddenly, I found that my so-called dating rules have flipped their script on me at the onset of my thirties. What was once playing for fun suddenly seems to be a game of life.  Continue reading

Battle Of The Apps: How Some Online Dating Companies Are Breaking Gender Stereotypes


By Kristina Leigh

When online dating first appeared on the scene, people sneered at it in overtly loud tones while simultaneously whispering, as they were curious about whether or not it would provide them with a new avenue to find a life partner. And as more and more millennials have embraced online dating as just another facet of social media’s daily comings and goings for meeting new people, dating mobile apps and websites have similarly evolved to meet this growing demand.
That said, it’s continued to be difficult to break the stereotypical mold and expectation that “men must make the first move.” How many times have we quoted that Clueless line to our friends? “Christian said he would call tomorrow, but in boy time, that meant Thursday.”

However, one app is changing the rules. Continue reading