On Weight Loss Resolutions and Feminism


By Jillian Stacia

“Omg, I’ve eaten a thousand cookies. My pants barely fit.”

The sentence flew out of my mouth before I even realized I said it.

It was one of those moments where you literally see the words hanging in the air. It was the holidays, and I was laughing with my sisters in the kitchen. I waited to see how my words would land in the crowd, worried about how they would settle. Luckily, there wasn’t any horrible reaction. Nothing except a smile and a nod and a “me too” in a small, heartbreaking kind of way. Just another innocent comment added to the growing pile of reasons why we’re not good enough the way we are.  Continue reading

Why Women Need To Have a Healthier Relationship With Fitness and Diet


By Fiona Thomas

Today is officially named “National Women’s Health and Fitness Day.” And although I’ll definitely exercise today, I’ll be damned if I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and start cutting carbs and increasing my cardio in the name of a “national holiday”. Don’t get me wrong, I love that there is an entire day dedicated to encouraging women to lead healthier lives and become more active, but how in this age of infinite, conflicting information can I define what “healthy” actually is?  Continue reading