The 2016 Election and My Friend, the Holocaust Survivor


By Sarah Winters

Helen, the 90 year old woman I have been helping out, and I are wandering the farmstand. Her exquisite palate is very picky and ever since moving out of her beloved New York, there’s an added bitterness. No apples because dentures, she’s tired of bananas, she has strawberries and I hope to god she’ll go for her staple yogurt, a bit of protein or whatever. I’m scanning vegetables and ask, “Beets?”  Continue reading

On Navigating The Post-Election Thanksgiving of 2016


By Mary Van de Graaf

Like nearly everyone else on the planet, I’ve spent the past week thinking long and hard about this election, going through every single emotion, trying to make sense of what happened, while simultaneously mourning the loss of all that could have been. I’ve been thinking about the deep discontentment and alarming hatred in this country that brought us to where we now stand, and how we can possibly start to mend the divide. I’ve gone through the very troubling reasons why our country couldn’t get behind Hillary Clinton, behind a woman, behind someone who was so qualified, so smart, dedicated, and so equipped to lead. I’ve thought about what we are supposed to tell our children, whether this electoral college petition thing could actually get Hillary in office (probably not), and of course, what we do now. Continue reading

Our First Female President Is Out There Somewhere – And She Is Watching


By Jillian Stacia

The thing I keep coming back to is how Hillary Clinton must be feeling.

I am a privileged white girl from an upper-middle class family with little to no real political involvement, and I am absolutely devastated. I am in mourning. So many of us are in pain. So many of us are struggling to get out of bed and act like normal humans. So many of us are trying desperately to fall back on our kindness and be the bigger person. Continue reading

Be Still And Know


By Terry Garrett

I’m not Thirty on Tap. I’m twice that. Yet the blog posts on this site resonate with me. Deeply. I don’t see age any more as a distinction, a dictation for how to live. I see energy and yes, though it might sound trite and overused, I see love.

I’m a Libra and I’m often aware that I take the middle ground. I usually see both sides of an issue. I don’t like to ruffle feathers and have lived most of my life concerned about what others think of me, whether or not they like me. So, I’m careful not to step on anyone’s toes. Continue reading

Don’t Normalize, And Other Ways To Stay Strong In Trump’s America


By De Elizabeth

It’s been almost a full week since Election Day, and it’s safe to say that we are still collectively grieving. The emotions that many of us have experienced in just a week’s time have been the truest definition of a roller coaster. Personally speaking, I’ve been heartbroken, enraged, horrified, scared, worried, anxious, angry, furious, devastated, empowered, helpless, thoughtful, thoughtless – there and back again – in just six days. It is not linear; it is an up-and-down graph of feelings. It is, in a word, mourning. Continue reading

It’s Time To Be Better Than We’ve Been


By Jillian Stacia

The hardest thing about this election, for me at least, has been the people. It’s never (really) been about Trump. It’s about the growing crowd behind him.

There will always be evil people. But evil can never flourish unless we buy into it. And yet, on election night, we learned just how many people had.

One of the biggest things I’m grappling with right now: how do I make peace with the people I love that voted for Trump? Because these people are everywhere. They’re in our lives, in our families, maybe even in our homes. And I love them and respect them and cherish them, but it has been an honest to God struggle for me to forgive them and understand them. Continue reading

What Now? 5 Concrete Things You Can Do In The Wake of the 2016 Election


By Jessica Barbara

I am devastated by the election results and have been wallowing for two days feeling helpless.  However, because of my immense privilege, a Trump presidency with a Republican Congress and the possibility of pro-life religious right Supreme Court judges won’t have the potential to affect me as drastically as it might for so many other people who don’t have my privileges (race, class, geography, gender identity, education, etc.). Continue reading

Choose To Rise


By Jillian Stacia

I shouldn’t be writing this.

One of my favorite writers, Nadia Bolz-Weber, says that we write from our battle scars, not our open gaping wounds. When you write from that place of pain and vulnerability, your writing is seen as weak and fragile and needy. Things need to be sorted, processed and analyzed before we share them. Share when you have a lesson, when you run your experience through a sieve and find the nugget of gold. Share when your pain has a clear purpose.

But today, I am writing from my open gaping wound. Because there is no time to process. There is no time to analyze and dig for gold. There is only this feeling of heartbreak and utter despair and the simple and impossible question of what to do next. Continue reading