Criticism Or Kindness: The Choice Is Ours

Kindness Or Criticism The Choice Is Ours.jpg

By Jillian Stacia

I was at the grocery store doing my weekly shopping. After surviving the mad dash around the store, I was more than ready to check out and head home. When it was finally my turn at the register, I unloaded my items and attempted to make small talk with the cashier:

“How are you doing today?”

Nothing. Radio silence. The sulky teenage boy didn’t even look me in the eye. Continue reading

Let’s Go Deeper


By Jillian Stacia

Life has been a scary place lately.

I’ve had a hard time adjusting to our new reality. I’m frustrated. I’m angry. I’m heartbroken. I am all the feels, five thousand times a day. I’m terrified of turning on the news or checking Twitter. I want to stick my head in the sand. I want to organize marches. I want to protest until I’m blue in the face. I want to get in Facebook arguments and troll Republicans and throw things at Donald Trump signs that are still hanging up in my neighborhood.

Like I said, life has been scary. Continue reading