The 6 Inevitable Stages Of Watching This Is Us

The 6 Stages Of Watching This Is Us

By Kate Kole

I was a faithful member of the unofficial Parenthood fan club while it was airing. The Braverman’s conflicts, crises, heartwarming conversations, and unwavering loyalty to one another seeped their way into my soul. My husband and I would casually chat about what the characters were going through each week like they were friends of ours. “What do you think will happen to Joel and Julia?” and “I can see both sides with Adam and Christina.” And “Do you really think Zeek and Camille will really sell the house?” became normal talking points.

I looked forward to sitting down each week with a box of tissues beside me, knowing that I’d undoubtedly have all the feels as the hour of Parenthood unfolded. It was therapeutic. And I was more bummed than I probably should have been when the series came to a close. I’d make sweeping dramatic statements like, “I’m never going to love another show like I loved that one,” and “Now what am I going to do on Tuesday nights?” Continue reading

How Sansa Stark Is Redefining Feminine Power Both On And Off The Screen

How Sansa Stark Is Redefining Feminine Power Both On And Off The Screen

By Jillian Stacia

Sansa Stark is arguably one of the most divisive characters on Game of Thrones. She’s been known to repulse viewers with her naïve and immature tendencies, and she’s the character fans tend to like the least.

On the other hand, supporters of Sansa claim that she’s slowly emerging as a feminist leader and is carving out a new definition for what it means to be a strong woman in a world dominated and ruled by men. Continue reading

8 Books to Help You Get Your Feminism On


By Casey Rose Frank

If you’re anything like me the post-election world we live in is one that has not only instigated a feeling of wanting to create actual change, but has required it.

When I want to raise my voice louder but don’t know where to begin, or rather how to make sure that in my insistence to be heard that my message is clear, coherent, and one that I can be proud of, I want to hear from women who have already done an amazing job. I also want to learn what I don’t know. Continue reading

Gearing Up For Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls

By Casey Rose Frank

Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially less than three months away from the new season of Gilmore Girls.

For many of us Thirty On Tappers, we quite literally grew up with Rory. I was the same age as Rory when the show began, I gained boyfriends and lost boyfriends like she did, and I left for college when she did, albeit to a non-ivy league university and with far less Lorelai panache, but still, we led tandem lives. Continue reading

6 Novels On Our Summer Reading List

Summer Reading

By De & Kate

Admittedly, we the ladies of Thirty On Tap, are all about The Bachelorette, and have been known to watch our fair share of Netflix Original marathons. And while we aren’t planning on giving up those juicy (forget guilty) pleasures anytime soon, our free time interests expand beyond screen time.

Seeing as summer is officially beach season, we can’t think of many things we’d rather do than park our seat in the sand and dive into a new novel. Continue reading