To My Father, On His Birthday


By Jillian Stacia

There are certain people you could write books about.

Certain people who bring out stories inside you. They fill you with words and hopes and dreams. They inspire and awe you. They fill you to the brim.

My father is one of those people. He is a person worthy of a novel.

So to try to encapsulate him in a blog post seems frivolous. I need more than 800 words to describe the man who taught me about life and the way I want to live it. You can’t sum up your father in a blog post. You can’t describe a parent in an essay. Especially mine. Continue reading

For Thanksgiving This Year, Embrace Simple Gratitude


By De and Kate

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s been quite a month. In fact, it’s been quite a year. And we’re fairly certain you don’t need us to remind you of that. While tensions are likely high amongst many households today, for various and good reasons, we hope that feelings of gratitude, community, and love have the power to prevail and take precedence. In spite of the pain, disappointment, and differences we feel, may we also take the time to focus on and remember all the people, things, and experiences worthy of our appreciation. Continue reading

7 Ways to Make a New House a Home


By Joanna Grey Talbot

Moving has been a way of life for me over the past few years. Moving five times in three years has not made me an expert but it has taught me a few tricks for settling in quicker. Every move has been different, some with roommates and some without, but each time I have had to pack up all my worldly belongings and move in somewhere totally new to me. Change and I have a love/hate relationship but the following list helped me to start loving my new home. Continue reading

On Navigating The Post-Election Thanksgiving of 2016


By Mary Van de Graaf

Like nearly everyone else on the planet, I’ve spent the past week thinking long and hard about this election, going through every single emotion, trying to make sense of what happened, while simultaneously mourning the loss of all that could have been. I’ve been thinking about the deep discontentment and alarming hatred in this country that brought us to where we now stand, and how we can possibly start to mend the divide. I’ve gone through the very troubling reasons why our country couldn’t get behind Hillary Clinton, behind a woman, behind someone who was so qualified, so smart, dedicated, and so equipped to lead. I’ve thought about what we are supposed to tell our children, whether this electoral college petition thing could actually get Hillary in office (probably not), and of course, what we do now. Continue reading

I Have Daddy Issues

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.53.34 AM

By Felicia Sabartinelli

I have daddy issues. But I don’t feel hate towards the male species, or suffer from an inability to love. I often seek men who appear to be the complete opposite of my father, wanting instead someone who is honest, kind, responsible and family orientated. I’ve often noticed that if a man even slightly resembles my father, in appearance or personality, I will avoid that person at all costs. I have daddy issues.  Continue reading

Is “Having It All” Really Enough?


By Kristin Christopoulos

I was born long after the Suffragettes had fought for my future right to vote and Gloria Steinem  had established a new wave of the women’s liberation movement. By the time I came along, Rosie the Riveter had already inspired women to think about their value to society, June Cleaver had traded in her pearls and vacuum for a career outside of her home, and Hillary Clinton was making a name for herself in the political spectrum. In short, I was born at a time when women were taught that they could have it all. Yes- you can go to college after high school! Yes- you can dream of and have a high powered career! Yes- you can marry and have a family, too! Continue reading

The One Story About My Mother That Never Fails To Make Me Laugh

By De Elizabeth

I fully support holidays that honor specific types of people, even if they’re made-up Internet holidays like National Best Friend Day (which, let’s admit, solely exists so you can picstitch pictures of you and your bestie and them plaster them across social media.) But regardless, despite the fact that we should always honor the people in our lives, sometimes we forget, and it’s good to have a reminder, even if it’s coming from Hallmark. Continue reading