Some Thoughts On Change

Some Thoughts On Change

By Jillian Stacia

I’ve had a lot of change lately. That’s an understatement, actually. In the last year, I’ve gotten pregnant, been promoted, had a baby, went back to work, quit my job, started freelancing full time, and dyed my hair blue.

Things have changed so much so fast, and I still feel like I am reeling.

Here’s what I know: I am happier than I have ever been, probably because I feel more like myself than I ever have. My life is finally a representation of my values, and that feels amazing and right and whole.

But I also feel like I’m floundering. Each time I start to find a rhythm, I am pummeled by change. The carpet is ripped out from under my feet, and I have to start all over again. Continue reading

This Year, Let’s…

This Year, Let's...

By Kate Kole

I’ve spent so many January 1st afternoons frustrated with myself. Because I already ate the row of brownies I vowed not to indulge in, or I lost the patience I promised I’d keep, or I skipped the morning meditation I resolved to stick to for 365 days. Less than 24 hours in, I’d already lost. Declared myself imperfect. Taken the inflated anticipation of a new year – a sparkling clean slate – and watched and felt as all its hope and all my eagerness slowly dwindled down to disappointment.

It seemed like I’d either a) set standards above myself or b) failed to meet the attainable standards I’d set. And either way, it felt really shitty. I felt really shitty. Continue reading

Experiencing Death From Afar


By Julie Winsel

From November 2015 to October 2016, I lost three family members. It added to the general
sense of doom it seems everyone felt in 2016.

The first death was my uncle in November. Then my husband’s grandfather in February. The last, and most hard-hitting, was my grandmother on my mom’s side in early October.

Death is unfortunately something I’m familiar with. The first death in my family that I can remember is when my great grandfather died when I was about five years old. My parents told me that a part of him was going to heaven and I hid behind my mom’s legs at the graveside service because I thought literally body parts were going to start floating up into the sky. Continue reading