Donald Trump Is A Human Garbage Fire & You’re Worried About Hillary’s Book?


By Jillian Stacia

I’ve tried to play nice.

I’ve spent the past ten months coming at this with an open mind and a forgiving heart. I’ve prayed all the prayers and asked for surrender and guidance. I’ve tried to let it go and move forward as best I can.

But in this case, I just can’t. As in, I literally cannot handle people talking about how “selfish” and “horrible” and “divisive” Hillary Clinton’s new book is.

You know what is selfish and horrible and divisive? The president supporting Nazis in the United States. Getting in a pissing match with North Korea. Ending DACA. Denouncing global warming. Continue reading

This Is Our Revolution


By Jillian Stacia

This has got to be the worst time to be alive.

That’s the thought that runs through my head every time I turn on the news, or open Twitter, or have a conversation with anyone about the state of the world.

And it’s not just because of the clusterfuck known as our current political landscape, it’s the fact that I’ve been dealt such shitty cards. Why couldn’t I have been around for the Women’s Movement? Or the Civil Rights Movement?  You know, something with substance. Why does my defining historical moment have to involve a reality TV show host turned psychopath? Continue reading

To My Fellow Citizens: We Need Love, And We Need Change


By Jillian Stacia

The world has been a hard place lately.

Every time I sign on to Twitter or turn on the news, it feels like I’m bombarded with another tragedy. More bad news. More injustice. More hatred. More pain. More fear.

It’s overwhelming. The problems of this world are large and blaring and just too much. The pain. the grief, the confusion. It’s hard and intense and startling and frustrating. Why does this keep happening? How can so much horror exist in the world? In this country?  Continue reading