Grieving Through The What-Ifs

Grieving Through What-Ifs

By Becky Houdesheldt

This weekend my husband and I had to return the crib and dresser we purchased for our second baby. It was one of the most difficult things we’ve ever had to do. Because we paid with cash, and had no receipt, the team lead told us we’d get in-store credit for the department the furniture came from. I quietly told her we were no longer pregnant, and that being restricted to the baby section of the store was not something I wanted.

Writing about this loss has not been easy. It is a tricky thing, writing about grief. Especially the grief over a loved one we hadn’t even had the chance to meet yet. Grief is a strange thing, and dealing with loss has a tendency to be a lonely process. It seems to me as though we, as humans, have a difficult time trying to find the right things to say to help someone coping with grief and so, sometimes the easiest way to handle it is to give space to those grieving. Continue reading

Experiencing Death From Afar


By Julie Winsel

From November 2015 to October 2016, I lost three family members. It added to the general
sense of doom it seems everyone felt in 2016.

The first death was my uncle in November. Then my husband’s grandfather in February. The last, and most hard-hitting, was my grandmother on my mom’s side in early October.

Death is unfortunately something I’m familiar with. The first death in my family that I can remember is when my great grandfather died when I was about five years old. My parents told me that a part of him was going to heaven and I hid behind my mom’s legs at the graveside service because I thought literally body parts were going to start floating up into the sky. Continue reading

Allowing Love To Win

By Kate & Ali 

12 years ago, our lives were forever changed in a single moment. Our brother passed away, and our family reeled in a blanket of grief. While the world around us existed as it always had, our lives lost a familiar sense of normalcy.

The same way that a baby first crawls, then walks, then runs, we reemerged into daily life, bit by bit. Having no guidebook to follow in living on Earth as a family of 5 and then suddenly 4, we coped and related and comforted the best we could. Continue reading