5 Myths About Millennials That Are Too Ridiculous For Words


By Isabel F. William

While some might consider us to be lazy, irresponsible, and entitled, millennials have proven to be ambitious and determined when it comes to our work ethic. We have embraced new lifestyles and views on careers that greatly differ from those at the age of baby boomers or Generation X. Millennials fit into the changing world perfectly, and it seems that more and more jobs are tailored to our needs and expectations. Yet, some people still remain blinded by the common misconceptions about us. Ahead, check out five ridiculous myths that need to be debunked, stat. Continue reading

We Are Millennials


By Jillian Stacia

We are millennials.

We are defined by our technology. It runs through our veins. It is the filter through which we see the world. It is both our servant and our master, our greatest accomplishment and our biggest downfall.

We believe in working smarter, not harder. In saving time for the things that truly matter

We believe we can change the world. We believe our voice matters. We believe in the power of the few. Continue reading

Better With Time

Better With Time

Here at 3OT, we like to believe that age is just a number, if for no other reason than to justify spending Saturday mornings watching Full House reruns and eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch on the couch. Still, we surprise ourselves each time we check off a higher age bracket on a race entry form, and we’re just now coping with the fact that kids born in the new millennium are able to legally drive. Yeah. Let that sink in for a second. Continue reading