Checking My Status Before Logging On

Social Media.jpg

By Kate Kole

I did a mini social media detox last week. Closing my Twitter tab, scrolling out of Instagram, and logging off Facebook, I declared the 72 hours dividing Wednesday morning and the weekend as deliberately free my typical news feeds. 3 days is hardly a long time and I didn’t expect any lasting life changing epiphanies to occur. I equated it more to the likes of a fruit and vegetable cleanse, figuring that a couple days of eating greens doesn’t overhaul my everyday snacking tendencies the same way a few days without Facebook wouldn’t change my online habits. Continue reading

5 Common Misconceptions About Practicing Mindfulness


By Heather Angiletta

Mindfulness seems to be popping up everywhere- Mindful Business, Mindful Parenting, Mindful Marriage, Mindfulness in schools. Just add the word ‘Mindful’ in front of anything and it seems to hold a promise of better. And Mindfulness is a pretty powerful thing, proven to increase immunity, resilience, creativity, attention and to decrease stress and pain, among other benefits. But what is Mindfulness anyway?

Mindfulness is non-judgmental awareness of the present moment. Continue reading

How November Reminds Me To Be Here Now


By Kate

I love the month of November and the holiday of Thanksgiving which marks it, partially for the delicious food of course, but even more so, for the gratitude it evokes. And that’s saying a lot, because I love delicious food.

The reason I look forward to and welcome the 11th month with such open arms is that it has a bit of a reset and recharge feel to it. The same way that January represents a fresh, new start, November offers a similar, or perhaps even greater prompt: it reminds me to look up and take in all the goodness in my life as it is right now. Continue reading

7 Simple Ways To Embrace A Healthier Lifestyle


By Tamara Burgos

Last year, I let school, work, and social commitments take over my life, and as I tend to do, I put myself at the bottom of the priority list. Doing this took a toll on my health and I could have avoided it. The only exercise I did was running twice a week. I wasn’t eating enough, my meal schedule was all over the place, migraines became a weekly thing, and I was always tired. On top of it all, I decided to attempt to stop eating meat and did not replace the protein I was losing by not eating meat with any other food. Within five months, I lost weight, gained a little back, and lost it all again. My skin felt dull and my hair wasn’t shiny and glossy as it used to be.  Continue reading

Mindful Traveling – Without An Itinerary


By Rachel Drinkwater

The idea of heading to a new place with no idea of what there is to see and do – and no plans – will undoubtedly make a lot of people feel very uncomfortable. We all have the friend who plans their travels with military precision and the one who has everything planned in a series of color-coded spreadsheets. Maybe it’s not your friend, maybe it’s you. Five years ago, it was definitely me. Continue reading