10 Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Woman


By Jillian Stacia

At 5 months pregnant, I’ve had my fair share of awkward encounters with strangers wanting to discuss my pregnancy. Although many people think they’re being polite and showing interest, most of the time, it’s just plain awkward and leaves me feeling incredibly self-conscious.

Pregnancy is a very personal and emotional experience for most women, so air on the side of caution and try to avoid these questions and statements, especially if the person isn’t your close friend or family member. Continue reading

The One Story About My Mother That Never Fails To Make Me Laugh

By De Elizabeth

I fully support holidays that honor specific types of people, even if they’re made-up Internet holidays like National Best Friend Day (which, let’s admit, solely exists so you can picstitch pictures of you and your bestie and them plaster them across social media.) But regardless, despite the fact that we should always honor the people in our lives, sometimes we forget, and it’s good to have a reminder, even if it’s coming from Hallmark. Continue reading