Fitness Friday: Powered Up Playlist


So, picture this: It’s 5:45 in the AM, your alarm just sounded, signaling you to work out, and you’re resisting every urge to either a) hit the snooze button –or- b) hit up the bagel shop down the street (heavy on the cream cheese).

By the time you’ve overcome the temptation island that is your warm bed and warm toasted bread, you deserve a reward, or at the very least, a powered up playlist.
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Mornings Made Easier


Our adolescence was marked by mornings of eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch on the couch while catching Saved By The Bell reruns before school. Yet somehow, if it weren’t for Zack Attack songs ingrained in our memories, those days would seem like a literal lifetime ago. As adults – and we use that term loosely as we often feel a little 13 going on 30-esque – the first hour of our day flies by, even when we opt not to hit the snooze button.
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The 10 Greatest Oreo Flavors Of All Time (And 5 We Need, Stat)


March 6 is National Oreo Day (because obviously we need a day dedicated to the world’s favorite cookie.) To celebrate, we’re rounding up the ten greatest flavors of all time (trust us, there’s been a lot – did anyone ask for Watermelon Oreos?) and we’re also going to share our wish list for flavors that haven’t been released yet. Get your glasses of milk and your time machines (you’ll wish you could travel back in time for some of these limited edition varieties.)

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