6 Must-Read Books of 2017


By Casey Rose Frank

2017 is likely to be another roller coaster year as we navigate a new political landscape. But as we move forward, let’s celebrate all the good that has yet to happen, including another year of great books. The first third of the year promises some great new books that I have had the pleasure to read in advance of their US publication and highly recommend.

My personal preference for mystery and YA is definitely evident in this list, so you’re in luck if you like unreliable narrators and young characters tackling new paths. Continue reading

Five Book Series with a Kick-Ass Female Lead


By Joanna Grey Talbot

MI-5 agent. Psychologist and investigator. Private detective. Author and amateur sleuth. Sherlock Holmes’s apprentice-in-crime. All intelligent. All fearless. All women.

You know a series is excellent when it hooks you with the first book and you cannot stop until you have read them all. The five series listed below, all written by women, are that and so much more. Each lead character is so well developed that they become your friends and you miss them when you reach the end of the series. Do not start book one unless you are ready to take a journey that will leave you wanting more. Continue reading

6 Amazing Books About Time Travel


By Casey Rose Frank

At Thirty on Tap, we are all about arbitrary holidays that celebrate the imagination, so we’re pretty psyched about the fact that December 8 is Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day!

Books have forever taken us to different lands. So if you’re looking to play fast and loose with the time/space continuum sans Delorean, here are some excellent choices for your literary excursions. Continue reading

8 Books to Help You Get Your Feminism On


By Casey Rose Frank

If you’re anything like me the post-election world we live in is one that has not only instigated a feeling of wanting to create actual change, but has required it.

When I want to raise my voice louder but don’t know where to begin, or rather how to make sure that in my insistence to be heard that my message is clear, coherent, and one that I can be proud of, I want to hear from women who have already done an amazing job. I also want to learn what I don’t know. Continue reading

So You Want To Write A Novel? Here Are Some Tips For Success


By Casey Rose Frank

According to a 2011 poll, 81% of Americans aspire to write a novel one day.

That means that people of all walks of life, all career paths, and ages, regardless of their lack of any “traditional training” have a desire to write a book. Storytelling is part of our evolution as humans. From era to era and culture to culture, human beings want to share their pasts and dream of their futures. Continue reading

5 Expert Tips To Prep For A Readathon


By Casey Rose Frank

If you’ve been looking for the perfect excuse to finally catch up on your TBR pile, then Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon tomorrow is exactly what you need.

Reading can be a solitary experience, and a welcome one at that, but with Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon, there is a social and communal aspect to the day that can be a welcome addition to the typical reading/writing experiences. Readers are invited to keep track and announce the books they plan to read, share their progress, and participate in giveaways and mini-challenges on their blogs/websites and social media throughout the day. Continue reading

Four Reasons Why GirlBosses Need to Read

Book Day

By Eliza David

Attention GirlBosses: Today is National Read A Book Day – what are you reading?

If your answer to that question is ‘I’m too busy with my startup to read’ or ‘I don’t have time to read because I’m too busy grinding’, your GirlBoss Guru gets it.  Life has a funny way of being a time-suck, especially when you are giving most of it to your family, your day job, your latest passion project, or – in most cases – all three. I understand that adding a reading habit to an overscheduled and underpaid life may seem impossible, but these four benefits gained from establishing a consistent reading habit will get you running to your nearest bookstore! Continue reading