52 Thoughts I Had About Once Upon A Time’s “I’ll Be Your Mirror”


By Casey Rose Frank

This week we get a heavy dose of those Season One vibes that have become the backbone for much of this season’s narrative, and Henry gets some extra screen time that makes it obvious to viewers and his family members that the boy who once ran away to find his birth mother and show her a book of fairytales has officially become a young man in his own right. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time Recap: Strange Case


By Casey Rose Frank

Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water,”- Kurt Vonnegut

A few episodes into the new season and I’m already more pleased than with the awkward, forced storylines of the previous two seasons. When I asked myself why I keep watching even after some dismal writing decisions, I’ve realized that one of the biggest reasons is that every character is very clear in their want for something. Continue reading

Once Upon A Time Recap: “The Other Shoe”


By Casey Rose Frank

This week we truly do return to the well-loved style of storytelling from Season 1, learning that even a re-telling that we’ve become familiar with may not be the whole story.

Regina is still perplexed about how the Evil Queen is still walking around, enacting nefarious plots when crushing her heart should have killed her. Since Hyde seems to know a little bit about everything, and is also the evil half of a separated character, she hopes to visit his underground prison cell and threaten him? Nope. Bribe him with lasagna. Continue reading