Five Ways To Get Your Caffeine Fix While Traveling on a Budget


By Kristina Baltutis

When all’s said and done, during my clinical year of veterinary school I’ll have spent a total of 3 months away from home.  I’ve stayed at friend’s houses, friend’s parents’ houses, hotels, Air B&Bs, with local families, and in internship-sponsored dorms.  Some of these experiences have been a few hours’ drive down the road, some have been a short plane-ride away, and one was on the other side of the world.  During all of this travel, pinning down a reliable source of caffeine has been a repeated challenge.   Continue reading

9 DIY Tea Recipes To Help You Relax


By De and Kate

Even the fiercest coffee drinkers can appreciate the fact that there’s something altogether ~relaxing~ about drinking a hot cup of tea. Or, there’s something that makes you feel classy about boiling a pot of tea and pouring it into a dainty tea cup. Maybe it’s a throwback to having tea parties as a kid, or maybe it’s all that Downton Abbey imagery, but sometimes you just need a good spot ‘o tea.  Continue reading