“The Bachelor,” Slut-Shaming, and Cyber Bullying


By De Elizabeth

Fans of The Bachelor franchise come in a handful of varieties. There are those who love the show fully ironically, who enjoy live-tweeting, laughing at the ridiculously lavish dates, and gaping at all the dramaaaaa. On the flipside, there are fans who are genuinely into the show, who are rooting for the bachelor or bachelorette to find their one true love, who are truly disappointed when (or if) they break up a few months later. And then there are some fans who might fall directly in between – the ones who get into it, but know it’s a heavily edited television show to take with a grain of salt. I’ve always considered myself one of those in-between fans. Continue reading

Lessons From The Mansion: 7 Takeaways From 20 Seasons Of The Bachelor


The Bachelor first debuted on our (pre-flatscreen) TVs in 2002 and we’ve been riding the reality dating train alongside Chris Harrison ever since. Each season, we feel like we’ve officially seen it all, and then one of the contestants throws a wildcard (surprise boyfriend at home, affair with one of the show’s producers, conversation with wildlife, meltdown on a deserted island) our way, and we’re reminded once again why we faithfully tune in every Monday night.
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