I’ll Be Happy When…


By Kate

I’d hardly consider myself a pro in most areas. But, all modesty aside, I’ve become rather skilled at one thing in particular: deciding when I’ll be happy.

Of course, you don’t become an expert at something overnight. This has taken me years of practice and consistent repetition of the phrase.

I’ll be happy when… Continue reading

Urgency Is Cheap


By Fadila Henry

We love the internet. We love it for all the wonderfully entertaining information it provides us, the essays of personal experiences that inspire and give us courage, and all the lovely, funny people we’ve met from across the world because of it. But let’s face it, the internet is also a maelstrom of conflicting and confusing advice, one day replete with articles that implore us to leave our jobs and go after our dreams, the next day, those articles are replaced with guidance and tips on how to love the jobs and lives we already have. Just when we feel settled and okay with where we are in our lives, we are told we’re doing it all wrong. It is relentless and it is exhausting. Continue reading

Better With Time

Better With Time

Here at 3OT, we like to believe that age is just a number, if for no other reason than to justify spending Saturday mornings watching Full House reruns and eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch on the couch. Still, we surprise ourselves each time we check off a higher age bracket on a race entry form, and we’re just now coping with the fact that kids born in the new millennium are able to legally drive. Yeah. Let that sink in for a second. Continue reading

Commit It Or Quit It: How One Woman’s Dating Game Changed Drastically When She Entered Her Thirties


By Amy Johnson

The world of dating has so many unwritten rules. So much that it’s a staggering thought to realize that dating in my twenties was a different galaxy than dating in my thirties. Somewhere, between the brow lines were starting to set, as I was now spending $40 a on foundation, along with anti-wrinkle cremes, what was once martinis with the girls is now hangovers lasting far into Sunday night. Suddenly, I found that my so-called dating rules have flipped their script on me at the onset of my thirties. What was once playing for fun suddenly seems to be a game of life.  Continue reading

FYI: You Don’t Need To Do All Your Traveling In Your Twenties



Brands, Pinterest, Social Media, Self-Help Books, Online Lists; they all paint a very alluring picture of the life we ‘should’ be living. In our always-on, always-connected lives, we’re constantly bombarded with reminders of what we could be doing with our lives, where we should be with our careers and our peers’ successes and experiences pop up on our devices 24-7. This has led to a serious pandemic of FOMOContinue reading