10 Non-Romantic Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

10 Non-Romantic Things to Do on Valentine’s Day.jpg

By Catherine Miele

My husband and I have been married for almost ten years. That’s difficult for me to fathom, at times, considering I was a shy, anxious teenager who accumulated very little dating experience before meeting my future spouse senior year of college.

Despite being married for as long as we have, my husband and I are not overly zealous about Valentine’s Day.

Perhaps my apathy for Cupid and price-gouged roses is due to my lack of serious relationships over the years, or maybe I just don’t think we need a heavily commercialized holiday in order express our love to one another. Continue reading

Is February the Only Month of Love in Our Lives?

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By Isabel F. William

With February being a few days away, romantics all over the world are overwhelmed by a strange, jittery feeling. For some, this feeling represents excitement for the upcoming month of love and romance. For others, it’s a feeling of slight nervousness because of the pressure to plan perfect dates and gifts for their partners. And then, there’s a third side to this feeling. The feeling of pressure and slight sadness over the fact that this is yet another February they’re spending without a partner. Whether it’s excitement, anxiety or stress, it all comes down to a single month, or to be more precise, to a single day – Valentine’s Day, posing the inevitable question – is February the only month of love and romance in modern relationships? Continue reading

5 Ways To Discover Self-Love This Season


By Jillian Leslie

In case the grocery store displays and persistent jewelry commercials haven’t tipped you off yet, it’s that time again–the joyous season that divides us between the cynical and the lovebirds. For some, Valentine’s Day is a beautiful celebration of life with the one they love. For others, it is a reminder of past failed relationships and yet another day spent alone, of course followed by discount chocolate at the local drugstore. No matter which of these two camps you fall into, there is one important thing that’s often overlooked this time of year and is hidden somewhere between the obnoxiously oversized teddy bears and candy hearts in aisle three, it’s self-love. Continue reading